About Me

Hi! Nice to know that you have been visiting my blog. Thank you for coming here and taking a look at the girl behind Review Siro. My name is Siti Robiah. Please call me Siro (Sure you know this name is from Si-ti Ro-biah). I love books since my most memorable childhood book is about Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales. Beside Romance, i'll enjoy the Young Adult, New Adult, Fantasy, Historical and say "no" to the horror. You'll find me that i like watching drama, catching the moment, and traveling to memorable and beautiful places. And this girl still struggles to find her own Middle Earth ^^.

I started this blog since 2012 with mixing content. Later, i removed all random posts and left all book-things content. Because i want to focus and keep track of my reading activity. So, here i just post my interest about book. I'm proud to be a member of Blogger Buku Indonesia (BBI), book blogger Indonesia community since 2013. I would love to have friends from blogger. So, just leave your mark in this blog, and lets be friend by blogwalking.

I'd love to accept the request for book reviews from authors or publishers. Feel free to contact me by email or facebook.



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